Historical Ontology of Urban Spaces

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Session: Concepts Of Urban Space

Monday, 27.04.2020


14:00 (CEST)

The opening of the conference

Keith Lilley (Queen's University Belfast)
Morphological approaches to analysing urban spaces

Elisa Cugliana (Venice Centre for Digital & Public Humanities), Marcel Schaeben (Cologne Center for eHumanities)
Mapping toponymic variance



15:30 (CEST)

Orysia Vira (Ukrainian Catholic University)
Street naming in Lviv: genesis and development in the 14
th –18th centuries

Aleksander Łupienko (Tadeusz Manteuffel's Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences)
Factors shaping the space of the 19
th-century city and urban facilities on the example of Warsaw



17:00 (CEST)

Discussion Panel: Do we need a historical ontology of urban space?

Keith Lilley, Marek Słoń, Humphrey Southall (chair: Wiesława Duży)

Session: Ontology And Space

Tuesday, 28.04.2020


14:00 (CEST)

Paweł Garbacz (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)
Hic sunt leones. A communiquè on ontological engineering for history

Humphrey Southall, Paula Aucott (University of Portsmouth)
Categorising places and administrative units in Great Britain

Francis Harvey (Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography)
Space as the dimension between experience and knowledge. An idea for applying object orientated ontology to historical ontology of urban space studies

Sławomir Brzezicki (Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe)
Examples of application of domain ontology in the field of art history



16:30 (CEST)

Maryana Dolynska (Ukrainian Catholic University)
A new method of historical urbanonymy

Benjamin Vis (University of West Bohemia)
Ontological concepts for the comparative redescription of social life in urban space: introducing BLT mapping

Cristina Vertan (Hamburg University)
A fuzzy ontology for representing vague und uncertain geographical and urban information in the Ottoman Empire and the


Session: Experiences Of The Historical Town Atlas

Wednesday, 29.04.2020


14:00 (CEST)

Daniel Stracke (Institute for Comparative Urban History)
Mapping differences. A comparison of cartographic practices in German Historic Towns Atlases

Sarah Gearty (Royal Irish Academy) Rachel Murphy (University of Limerick)
Reading urban topographies: examples from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas





15:30 (CEST)

Katarzyna Słomska (Tadeusz Manteuffel's Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences)
Everybody knows what a city plot is? Definitions and practice on the example of Warsaw

Michał Słomski (Tadeusz Manteuffel's Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences)
Small town and its space in pre-industrial era



17:00 (CEST)

Agnieszka Pilarska, Radosław Golba (The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń)
Selected problems in the development of Historical Atlas of Polish Towns: the 2nd volume of the atlas of Toruń

Colin Arnaud (University of Münster)
Strategies for the mapping of markets and arts and crafts in historic town atlases


Thursday, 30.04.2020


14:00 (CEST)

Olga Kozubska (independent researcher)
Urban space in Ukrainian scholarship: approaches, sources, techniques

Paweł Cembrzyński (Cluster of Excellence ROOTS, Christian Albrecht University)
Touching the Past in 4D. Historical urban space from archaeological perspective



15:30 (CEST)

Marek Słoń (Tadeusz Manteuffel's Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences)
Historical Town Atlas as source edition: preliminary remarks

16:00 (CEST)

Final discussion

17:00 (CEST)

HOUSe project Scientific Board meeting (chair: Wiesława Duży)


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