WORKSHOP #3 9-11 June, 2021

Project Historical Ontology of Urban Space

(project no. PPI/APM/2019/1/00053/U/00001)

Workshop #3: introducing #urbanonto to the European Historic Towns Atlas

Three days: June 9-11, 2021

Online (Zoom), the workshop is recorded.

Want to join us? Please, send an e-mail to We will send you the link back together with a recording consent.

The workshop subject is mapping of data structure from the Urban HomeBase, semantics from the urbanonto ontology and a semantics of the selected city plans from the Historic Town Atlases. We will start with a presentation by Dr Daniel Stracke on the future of the HTA series, followed by the discussion by Daniel Stracke with Keith Lilley. We will give you a chance to discuss whether types from the ontology and objects from the database bring the same meaning as objects in several HTA volumes. Comparison will include legends from atlases and attributes from the database. We will also discuss a case study: plans of the city of Lviv edited according to the rules elaborated within the HOUSe project. This ongoing BA project (from the University of Warsaw) is going to be presented by Marta Demchyna. We hope this scenario will bring us closer to the final product of our considerations: collecting data and presenting information on historical urban space.

Day 1:  09.06.2021, 5 pm CET – 7:15 pm CET

5:00 pm CET – 5:15 pm CET: Introduction (Wieslawa Duzy)

5:15 pm CET – 6:15 pm CET: Historic Towns Atlases (HTAs) in a Data-Driven World (Daniel Stracke)

6:15 pm CET – 7:15 pm CET: Discussion: on the standardization of HTA (Daniel Stracke and Keith Lilley)

Day 2:  10.06.2021, 3 pm CET – 6:30 pm CET

3:00 pm CET – 4:30 pm CET: Mapping #urbanonto to selected HTA volumes, presentation and discussion (HOUSe Warsaw team)

4:30 pm CET – 5:00 pm CET: coffee break

5:00 pm CET-6:30 pm CET: Plans of Lviv based on #urbanonto (Marta Demchyna)

Day 3:  11.06.2021, 3 pm CET – 6 pm CET (Internal day, without the public and without recording)

3:00 pm CET – 4:30 pm CET: Scientific Board Meeting

4:30 pm CET – 5:00 pm CET: coffee break

5:00 pm CET – 6:00 pm CET: Scientific Board meeting